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Quantum Energy Pt Spinning Reel

Quantum Energy spinning reels are exceptional for with an 5, 21 gear ratio, you'll be able to achieve a slight increase in gear ratio and increase in speed. Additionally, the new Quantum Energy spinning Reel offers a spin speed of 5 kilometers per second.

Quantum Pt Energy Spinning Reel

The new Quantum Energy s3 Pt spinning Reel spt 5, 21 gear ratio is a first rate choice to get Quantum Energy spinning in your reel. With an 5, 21 gear ratio, you can have more power to produce more Quantum energy. This spinning Reel is an outstanding addition to your Quantum Energy fishing experience, with its spinning speed and durable construction, this Reel is sure to provide value to your Quantum Energy the Quantum Energy Pt spinning Reel is the new industry leading fishing reel. With an 30% increase in spin speed it is unrivalled for suitors wanting for a Reel that can handle a lot of spin action, this Reel is further equipped with a built in tensioner and an 6-position spool. The Quantum Energy Reel is an unrivaled spinning Reel for fishing with Quantum energy, with a new 30 spt rating, it is best-in-the-class for people searching to get started in fishing Quantum energy.