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Lews Xs30 Spinning Reel

Lews spinning reel is perfect for those who want great gear and speed in their fishing. The lews spinning reel is easy to operate and has 8bearings speed control for adding more power to your spinning reel. The green reel is perfect for spinning fish that are small and delicate.

Lew's Xfinity Xs30 Spinning Reel

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Lew's Xfinity Spinning Reel

This reel is a new addition to the lews xfinity spinning reel line. It is a 6. 21 gears 8 bearings speed spinning reel with 8 bearings and a spinning reels feature. The lew's xfinity spinning reel is a great choice for spinning fishing or spinning reels. the lews xfinity xs30 spinning reel is a great way to keep your movies on the edge of your watching pace. With a spin rate of 30 rpm, this reel is perfect for those who prefer an extra-long watch. the lews xfinity xs30 8 ball spinners have 8 ball bearings which makes them easy to spin. The spinning reel has a 30 pound pull and isopeak, making it the perfect choice for the more experienced agriculturist or "spinning reed" hunter. this lew's xfinity xs30 8 bearings speed spin fishing spinning reel has 8 bearings and is spinning at 6. 21 gears. The background is a white spinning reel with xfinity symbols in the center and the text says "lew's xfinity xs30 6. 21 gears 8 bearings speed spin fishing spinning reel".